Your Truck Adventure Starts With Fox Shocks

You stand back and admire your truck. You have a great looking set of off-road tires. You added the roll bar and off-road lights. Your truck looks great. Have you looked underneath the truck to make sure the suspension is ready, too?

Have you ever seen how poorly factory shocks stand up to off-road driving? If you read forums, Facebook groups, and off-road magazines, you’ll find story after story of broken shocks bringing a weekend of fun to a halt.

Your shocks take massive abuse when you head off-road. Those factory shocks were not designed to be pushed to the limits of the deep ruts, the rocks, and other impediments you will face going off the beaten path. Fox Shocks can.

Fox has spent years building shocks that are designed to overcome the challenges of off-road racing in the most severe conditions. They test shocks in Baja, on motocross tracks, and in environments we will never experience. They win in those conditions, too.

What are you planning to do with your truck? Are you going to take it on adventures? Fox Shocks has a line of shocks called their Adventure line which are designed exactly for your type of driving. They are built tough to handle all your weekend adventures, while still providing a great ride for your daily commute. You do not want to punish the family with a rough ride all week, when you can give them comfort and you can still have performance.

Fox achieves this magic of performance and comfort by using a bypass system which makes their shocks adaptable to any terrain. When you are taking hard fast jolts from being off-road, they stiffen and keep your wheels on the ground and you in control. When you’re on a smoother city road, the bypass system allows the shocks to give a smoother and gentler ride.

The adventure shocks are designed to be used for any kind of situation. If your truck is dedicated to going off-road, then you probably want to take one step up in the Fox line-up.

The performance line is designed for those drivers who are going to push the limits a little further, and are not as concerned about the city driving. They are built to take punishment that would snap your OEM shocks.

Truck manufacturers build four-wheel drive trucks for their average customer, a city driver who probably never intends to go off-road. If you plan to use your truck to use four-wheel drive for off-road adventures, you should consider making those necessary upgrades.

You want quality tires. You want a roll bar built to protect you, not to just look pretty. You want great brakes and a great shock absorbers to help you stop and to provide great handling.

Pull up the map on your phone and start looking at all the great places nearby to take your truck on an adventure. Off-road trails, rugged roads, and sand dunes are calling for you to come out and play. Are you ready?