Rental car companies manual transmission

Rental Car Companies with Manual Transmission Options


For driving enthusiasts or budget-conscious travelers, renting a car with a manual transmission can provide a thrilling and cost-effective experience. However, not all rental car companies offer this option, and finding one that does can be challenging. This comprehensive guide explores the leading rental car companies that provide manual transmission vehicles and provides valuable tips for securing a booking.


Avis, a renowned global car rental provider, offers manual transmission vehicles in selected locations. Advance reservations are recommended to ensure availability. Note that manual transmission rentals may not be available for all car categories and locations.


Budget, known for its competitive rates, offers manual transmission vehicles in several European countries, including Spain, Italy, and Portugal. However, manual transmission options may vary depending on the specific location and vehicle availability.


Dollar, a subsidiary of Hertz, offers manual transmission vehicles in limited locations, primarily in Europe and South America. Contact your local Dollar branch to inquire about availability and make reservations.


Enterprise, a leading car rental company in North America, offers manual transmission vehicles in some locations. However, availability is subject to specific branch availability and may vary depending on the time of year.


Europcar, a popular European car rental company, offers manual transmission vehicles in a wide range of locations across Europe and other regions. Reservations are recommended to secure a manual transmission vehicle.


Hertz, a global car rental giant, provides manual transmission vehicles in various locations worldwide. Advanced booking is advisable to guarantee availability, as manual transmission options may be limited.

Local and Regional Rental Companies

In addition to these large rental car companies, numerous local and regional rental companies may offer manual transmission vehicles. These smaller companies often cater to niche markets or specific geographical areas. Research local rental companies in your destination to explore their offerings and availability.

Tips for Securing a Manual Transmission Rental

* Book Well in Advance: Manual transmission vehicles are in high demand, especially during peak season. Make your reservations as early as possible to increase your chances of securing a manual transmission car.

* Contact the Rental Company Directly: Reach out to the rental car company directly via phone or email to inquire about manual transmission availability at your desired location.

* Consider Off-Airport Rental: Airport rental locations tend to have a more limited selection of vehicles, including manual transmission options. Consider renting from an off-airport location, where you may have better chances of finding a manual transmission car.

* Be Flexible with Your Vehicle Category: Not all car categories are available with manual transmission. If your preferred car category is not available in manual transmission, consider opting for a different category that offers it.

* Check the Rental Contract Carefully: Before signing the rental contract, ensure that the vehicle you are renting is equipped with a manual transmission. Verify this information and any additional fees associated with renting a manual transmission vehicle.

Benefits of Renting a Manual Transmission Car

* Enhanced Driving Experience: Manual transmission vehicles provide a more interactive and engaging driving experience, allowing you to control the vehicle’s power and responsiveness.

* Cost Savings: Manual transmission vehicles are typically cheaper to rent than their automatic counterparts. They also consume less fuel, which can result in additional savings.

* Convenience: If you are accustomed to driving a manual transmission vehicle, renting one will allow you to navigate unfamiliar roads and traffic patterns with ease.


Renting a car with a manual transmission can be a rewarding and affordable experience. By following the tips outlined above, you can increase your chances of finding a rental company that offers this option and securing the best deal. Embrace the thrill and cost-effectiveness of driving a manual transmission car on your next adventure.

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