Can you drive a car with a liberty transmission

Can You Drive a Car with a Liberty Transmission?

What is a Liberty Transmission?

A Liberty transmission is an automated manual transmission (AMT) developed by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). It is designed to provide the convenience of an automatic transmission while retaining the performance and efficiency of a manual transmission.

How Does a Liberty Transmission Work?

The Liberty transmission uses a traditional manual gearbox but employs electro-hydraulic actuators to engage and disengage the clutch and shift gears. This allows the transmission to automatically shift gears based on driver inputs and vehicle conditions, such as speed, torque, and throttle position.

Can You Drive a Car with a Liberty Transmission?

Yes, you can drive a car with a Liberty transmission. However, there are some key differences compared to driving a traditional manual transmission car.

Driving a Car with a Liberty Transmission

Starting the Car:

* Ensure the gear selector is in neutral (N) position.
* Start the engine.
* Release the brake pedal.


* The transmission will automatically shift gears based on your inputs.
* You can use the gear selector to manually shift gears if desired.
* Upshifting occurs when you release the accelerator pedal and the engine speed reaches a certain threshold.
* Downshifting occurs when you apply the brake pedal or when the engine speed drops too low.

Shifting Manually:

* Move the gear selector to the desired gear (D for drive, S for sport, M for manual).
* If in manual mode, use the paddle shifters or gear selector to shift gears.

Pros and Cons of a Liberty Transmission


* Convenience of an automatic transmission without sacrificing performance or efficiency.
* Smoother shifts and reduced noise compared to a traditional manual transmission.
* Improved fuel economy due to optimized gear selection.
* Can be more engaging than a traditional automatic transmission.


* May not be as responsive or provide the same level of control as a traditional manual transmission.
* Requires some adjustment to driving style.
* Can be more costly to maintain and repair than a traditional automatic transmission.

Vehicles with Liberty Transmission

The Liberty transmission is available in various Fiat Chrysler vehicles, including:

* Jeep Wrangler
* Ram 1500
* Dodge Challenger
* Chrysler 300


Driving a car with a Liberty transmission offers a unique blend of convenience, performance, and efficiency. While it may require some adjustment to driving style, it provides a satisfying driving experience that combines the best of both automatic and manual transmissions.

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